Introducing The Indy, an indoor decorative light holder for all occasions. With minimal assembly, the frame track adjusts to your window, secures your decorative lights and conceals the wiring!

From Holly Jolly to Happy Birthday

Christmas. Birthdays. Halloween. Graduation. July 4th...
The "Indy" frame is the perfect complement to any celebration throughout the year.

Here's why...


No more stapling, taping or hooking lights to your window frame. The Indy was designed to simplify the tedious and frustrating task of outdoor or indoor installation.


The use of The Indy frame eliminates the risk associated with ladders used outside for decorating your home's windows. Light your windows safely from the inside.


With our festive light holder, you can easily and quickly display your own LED lights. The frame and lights install in less than 15 minutes per window!